Cryptocoins can be claimed from the Moon Faucets every 5 minutes.  They start accumulating after every claim and the amount rises over time even if you don’t visit the sites!

Extra Bonuses On All Three Four Five Faucets!

Every day in a row you visit and claim you get an additional 1%.  Claim 20 days in a row and you get an extra 20% of the claimed Satoshi's on your account balance!  100% is the limit.

The second bonus is the Referral Bonus. For every referal you have, you get 1% of the claim amount paid extra to your account balance.

The third bonus is the Mystery Bonus. Every time you claim, you get a random percentage with a maximum of 100% of the claim amount added to your account balance.

The latest addition is the Mining Bonus!  Browser cryptocoin mining is offered on all five Moon Faucets!

All your claims are deposited directly to your Coinpot miniwallet.  If you don't have a Coinpot account, join any of the Moon Faucets with your email and a Coinpot miniwallet account will be automatically created for you.  The advantage of keeping all your claims in Coinpot is that it gives you the ability to exchange between the five coins with no fees!  In other words is a great free way to get accustomed with coin trading!

Coinpot also offers free browser cryptocoin mining for any of the five supported coins! Combined with the Moon Faucets claims, and the possible trading profits, you are to a good start for a small cryptocoin portfolio.

Webmasters can also
very easily embed the miner as a widget on their own web site or blog  The possibilities are endless! Click HERE to see a Dodgecoin miner embeded in a 2-secs done page just for example.







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