Are you one of the over 120,000 400,000 CryptoTab users?  If the answer is affirmative, then you are in danger of promoting a "ghost" page! The reason for this is actually quite simple and it has nothing to do with you.  CryptoTab's main affiliate link does NOT load inside a frame!

Traffic Exchanges, PTC programs, credit-based Safelists, etc, will NOT display your main affiliate link!  The only solution, if you want to promote in such places, is to build and host a splash/landing page of your own, or use a downline builder that provides personalized promotional pages specifically for CryptoTab.

The only free program, as far as I know, that offers such splash pages plus a variety of CryptoTab banners is PromoteAdsPayPro.

PromoteAdsPayPro is owned and administered by Merry Makowski, a hard -working, very creative, and highly experienced marketer.  The program besides CryptoTab offers promotional tools and downline building for some other long- established and paying BTC generating programs.

ot yet a CryptoTab user?  Do not sit this out.  It only takes a minute to add this hassle-free browser add-on, and start mining bitcoin whenever you surf!  More than four hundred thousand people are already using it and building a huge mining pool, with downlines that extent 10 levels!

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