Christos Apostolides's Short List Of Traffic Exchanges

Christos Apostolides Choosing a Traffic Exchange, out of literally thousands of options, should never be a shot in the dark!  Spending your valuable time surfing for traffic, is actually costing you, even if only indirectly, money! 

This very short list below consists of what I have finally concluded, through testing and tracking,
that must be in my daily surfing routine, and it includes just five manual traffic exchanges.  Using the five exchanges below, on a daily basis and correctly, will definitely increase your chances of succeeding in a very competitive industry.

Traffic Ad Bar
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Hungry For Hits
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  Click Voyager
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Ad Master Plus
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 Leads Leap
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    An exchange that everyone and their mother is already a member at!  And for good reasons!  The very large number of active audience, the ease and purity of the text ad surf bar paired with the "strictly business" ambiance, are some of the main ones. 

 Their custom "AdBar" link for promoting your websites in other exchanges, which in essence allows you to transform lower quality traffic to TrafficAdBar points, is also another equally important reason. 

 But the single most important, and the only one that without it all the others would have been meaningless, is results!  I am consistently tracking a lot of leads and sign ups from this source

 If you are already a member put it on your daily schedule and use it as much as possible.  Free members are advised not to dilute their traffic and points to more than one or two sites.  If you have more sites that you need to promote, try to create a simple customized page or "cross-promote" using LeadsLeap's free tools. 

Pay special attention to your heading and description before submitting your text ad.  Do not forget that, through their Adbar, it will be shown in literally thousands of different places! 

If by any chance you are not yet a TrafficAdbar member you can join
Hungry For Hits
 A prime example of the new heavily gamified breed of Traffic Exchanges that uses the very popular and user-friendly LFMTE script. 

 As a thumb rule, exchanges that rely on games and special events or incentives to keep their users active are less effective marketing-wise than their "hardcore" counterparts. 

 HungryForHits is one of the few notable exceptions.  It does have all the usual games and prizes, but it also has two things that do set it apart from the crowd.  A very active and knowledgeable in marketing administrator and an extremely busy chat bar. 

 Having a chat bar at the surfing area is not something new, but having such a busy and cosmopolitan one is a whole different story.  People from different countries and backgrounds, of all ages, and with various degrees of experience and expertise are chatting, joking, creating relationships and most importantly branding their name and face, something that in traffic exchanges is invaluable! 

 The first thing to do here is to head for the "Profile Page Creator" and write something about yourself and your promotions.  Then visit the chat bar and introduce yourself

 HungryForHits also offers banner and text ad advertising that through some fine administrative tuning and marketing tricks, is considerably more effective than in other similar exchanges. 

 Another interesting feature is the "short upgrades" where you can use your earnings from cash prizes to upgrade for a day or two.  For an average surfer that translates to five or six days per month a shorter timer and more credits per click. 

If you are not yet a member of this fine traffic exchange join

 I can already see some raised eyebrows over my third choice! 

 A traffic exchange that has been around forever but somehow never reached the same fame and recognition as some of its contemporaneous rivals, even though in certain aspects is superior.

 Built around a custom script it does offer some interesting features such as a basic splash page creator, an in-house message center, a "Daily sponsor site" auction, plus the usual banner and text ad advertising.

 The surf bar is of the simplest type with a one-choice button but the administrator claims that there are background safeguards against cheaters and judging by the good conversion rates, I don't have any reasons to doubt him.  The simplicity of the surf-bar may actually be one of the factors behind the high conversion rates. 

 Another factor may be the high number of experienced no-nonsense marketers that are stil using ClickVoyager. These people, when they see something they need or like they don't hesitate to take action. 

 What you should have in mind, if you are a free member, is to try to surf at least 250 sites every Sunday to secure a free upgrade for the whole next week. 

 Free members are allowed to promote as many sites as they like but I strongly advise you, no matter how many credits you may have in hand, never to add more than one or maximum two sites in active rotation. The script distributes traffic per member
, not per site, which simply means, the more sites you add the less traffic they get.

  A unique feature of this exchange is the "ClickVoyager Bribes".  As far as I know, only three other exchanges (TopSurfer and WebCentreSurf) offer the same service but in both cases are strictly pro-member privileges.  At Clickvoyager even free members can offer a credit "Bribe" to other members for joining their affiliate programs. If you decide to create such a bribe, be pro-active and promote the special splash page that is automatically created by the script, even in other exchanges.  Clickvoyagers are everywhere! 
  If you are already a member, but not active, my advice is to start using it again, at least occasionally.  If you have not yet joined you can do it

 AdmasterPlus is also built on a unique custom-made script but it differs from most Traffic Exchanges in two more ways. 

 Firstly, there is a small entrance fee and secondly, it's also a safelist mailer.  These differences are also the main reasons that I am using it on a daily basis. 

 Proposed strategy here is simple.  Surf and surf and surf, till you got enough tokens to send an email to as many members as your membership level allows.  All the 11,000+ active members
are by definition proven buyers and they do get the emails at their contact account!  The click-through rate to my emails has been slightly below the par, but still a respectable 4.21%, with plenty of leads and sign-ups. 

 Standard members, with no obligation of a monthly payment, are allowed to email once every week, pro members every five days and finally platinum members once every three days.  No membership level is given a free ride and everybody must surf to get enough tokens for a meaningfull mailing campaign.  That means that you will not get tons of annoying emails at your account.  I am personally getting less than 10 per day and I am opening all of them for the tokens that are included. 

 The entrance fee to this advertising platform is a one-time payment of $3.95. 

If you are not already a member you can join

 Calling LeadsLeap just a Traffic Exchange is somewhat similar to calling a "Nimitz Class" aircraft carrier simply a boat! 

 LeadsLeap is a whole internet marketing platform with free tools of professional quality, such as trackers, rotators, scripts, and widgets.  As a matter of fact, this whole list was made possible thanks to my Leadsleap tracker and its amazing capabilities. 

 But here on this page, I am listing traffic exchanges and thus I will concentrate on just this aspect of LeadsLeap. 

 The first notable fact is that this is most probably the only traffic exchange that even big internet marketing gurus
condescend to use!  Every new program and trend are first promoted here and being able to see them before the big crowd is in itself a significant advantage. 

 The traffic is exchanged through text ads that are posted, in an Adsense fashion, everywhere in your LeadsLeap backoffice.  There is no timer to watch over, nor any verification process.  The principle behind the reward scheme is simple, innovative, and effective at the same time.  The LeadsLeap advanced tracking system is able to track the real surfing duration, and it will reward you for up to three minutes of real surfing. 

 This means opening a page and leaving it open for three minutes will not earn you the full three minutes of credits.  Only the time that you are actually viewing the page is counted.  Surfing here should be a dedicated task and it's absolutely worth the effort.  This is by far the most effective traffic exchange that I have ever used.  A hundred views here are sometimes enough to bring you a lead and occasionally even a sale.  As if that were not enough, LeadsLeap shares 5-10% of its advertising income with members who view ads. 

 Pay special attention to your ad copy as viewers can rate your site and an overly hyped or misleading ad may be penalized with a lower grade.  Ads with higher grade get more exposure

 If by any chance you are a LeadsLeap member but you are not using it, I urge you to start doing it.  If you haven't yet joined, I strongly recommend to do it by clicking