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Christos Apostolides

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Back in 1998, I opened in my hometown, Larnaca - Cyprus, an Internet Cafe.  Middle of 1999, while surfing the net, with the latest edition of Netscape Navigator, I stumbled upon SETI@Home project!  It immediately caught my attention and tickled my imagination.

For those not familiar with the project, SETI@Home is a worldwide collective computing effort, initiated and hosted by Space Sciences Laboratory, at the University of California, Berkeley.  Its primary goal is to detect intelligent life outside Earth.  The whole concept is simple and ingenious.  Through a software, SETI@home sends millions of chunks of data that is collected by Arecibo radio telescope and the Green Bank Telescope, to be analyzed off-site by home computers, and then have those computers report the results.

Back then, just before the dawn of the new millennium, the whole idea impressed me so much that I had their software installed on all the Web cafe's computers.  In less than six months my internet cafe was amongst the five biggest contributors of my country. 

To date, the project has not confirmed the detection of any ETI signals, but although it has not reached its primary goal it has nevertheless proved that distributed computing projects using the Internet can succeed as an analysis tool.

Fast forward to 2017 and to an email I got from a dear colleague introducing to me...Computta.  The principle behind Computta's proprietary software is similar to SETI@home's, but the goal is much more practical.  Their software when installed on your computer join forces with many other users to do necessary calculations and get cryptocurrency rewards.  Their fee for the software usage is set to 25% of what your computer mines.

The biggest challenge we both faced, me and my colleague, was to determine if the software was safe to download on our own machines and most importantly safe enough to recommend to others.  So we had it initially checked by three different antivirus software and two different anti malware.  Nothing suspicious found.  So we did download it on our own computers and had it run for three days with nothing again suspicious detected.  We were though still reluctant to promote it.  So we asked every mainstream coder and software expert we knew, plus some "not so mainstream" ones!  They all gave us the go ahead.  We had it also submitted to Virustotal.com for an online analysis.  It did again come as clean as a whistle! (You can view the analysis HERE - Update: Occasionaly, on the analysis page, it shows an alert. Please click HERE for more )

While doing the research for Computta, I have also discovered that "Smart Miner" applications are not that new.  The main difference though with Computta's software is its extremely user-friendly, two-clicks-and-done, interface!  All the other programs I've found were very technical and far beyond average user's knowledge.  I am certain that in the near future others will follow Computta's example, but for the time being, and as far as I know, they are alone!

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